EXHIBITION: TOKYO OF THE ARTS in cooperation with Daniel Gendre

From 5 to 31 March 2017 the Japan Information and Cultural Center (JICC) will exhibit selected works created by Mr. Daniel Gendre.

Mr. Daniel Gendre is a very renowned Swiss photographer who worked as an advertising photographer for 35 years in Zurich. His work has been recognized with publications as well as a number of exhibitions and awards. In this exhibition, we would like to show mainly works from his third visit to Japan in early summer 2016, where he focused on the art within Tokyo and the city as art.

Guided tours:
Guided tours by the artist Daniel Gendre will be provided as follows:
15 March (Wednesday) 6pm / 26 March (Sunday) 4pm
The guided tours offer an unique opportunity to hear about the background of the works and to talk with the artist.

The opening hours of the exhibition are:
Monday to Friday: 9am – 12am and 2pm – 5pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm
On Saturdays and 20 March (Monday) the exhibition will be closed

For more information please refer to the attached flyer.

We look forward to welcoming you here at the JICC!